Relationship is the engine that propels our lives as human beings. Whether with a co-worker or a boss, a dear friend or an acquaintance, a store clerk, a handyman, a mentor or competitor, our lover, parent, or child, at every turn we must negotiate relationship in order to negotiate our life.

Often our relationships feel stressful, conflictual, unsupportive and unfulfilling, threatening, oppressive, or just plain confusing. And while in school, most of us learned the 3 R’s and perhaps some history, a foreign language or two, and some computer skills, most of us did not learn the dynamics and skills of communication and relationship. The basic human skills of interpersonal relationship and emotional awareness seem to have been forgotten in the curriculum. Similarly, such skills often are not passed on to us through our family of origin.

It’s not too late to learn, and best of all it is not difficult! With simple inquiry into your values, belief systems, communication styles, and personal needs, your world and your experience of relationship can radically transform.

I will help you to learn the skills of effective communication. I will help you to identify your needs in relationship both as a giver and a receiver and then help you learn to express those needs. I will help you to clarify your values regarding work, leisure, money, intimacy, sexuality, alone time and much more. I will help you learn how to successfully manage conflict.

For couples, I will help you to define who you are in relationship, what your needs are, what your partner’s needs are, and what the needs of the relationship are. Couples will create a Relationship Alliance that will become a stable foundation for deep growth and fulfillment.

  • Who am I as a partner?
  • Who do I yearn to be as a partner?
  • What are my spiritual values?
  • What are my values around food and nourishment? entertainment? money? sports? vacations? family? TV?
  • How do I want to be nurtured?
  • How does my partner want to be nurtured?
  • What am I seeking in relationship?

These are just a few of the inquiries you and your partner will explore as we work together to enrich your relationship life. Small steps bring great change. Relationship is like growing a garden or creating any successful project. It requires attention and know-how. It is not a mysterious beast with unpredictable and capricious power; rather it is manageable, creative, and deeply rewarding when approached with clarity, insight, and resources.

Shed stress and hardship in relationship.  Find fulfillment.  Let’s do it!