Young Adults

‘Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.’
Mary Oliver

Do you have children in their 20s, or perhaps you are in your 20s and like so many of your peers searching for your path as an adult? Do you know someone like this who feels they are drifting at sea, being carried by the waves without navigation or an anchor? Life counseling and coaching can be an empowering, validating, and thoroughly enjoyable resource for young adults in this stage of life.

Contemplative counseling and coaching will help young adults connect with their resources, their passions, and their life values and then integrate this vibrant awareness into a practical and focused journey with which they feel connected and aligned. Perhaps a young adult feels they chose the wrong career goals and now feels stuck. Or perhaps they feel skilled and talented in their craft, but feel lacking in communication skills, or shy socially. Perhaps a young adult needs to feel the freedom of further exploration of the possibilities and options open to them. Or maybe they are daunted by the realities and responsibilities that stretch before them and feel discouraged or despairing.

What a beautiful and ripe time for life counseling and coaching.

Contemplative counseling and coaching will assist young adults to harvest the fruits that are now theirs to savor after engaging in so many years of cultivation and to continue to cultivate and harvest meaning, fulfillment, and savored outcomes throughout their adult life.