Contemplative ~ Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Life Coaching Services

‘A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.’ Maya Angelou

The purpose of Áloka Contemplative Psychotherapy and Life Coaching is to help you cultivate gentleness and compassion for yourself and through this, facilitate greater self-awareness and genuine self-expression. This deepened connection with yourself will support you in moving through life’s obstacles with understanding and insight, and empower confidence and comfort, meaning and fulfillment in your life.

We will work together reawakening your intrinsic wholeness, and in doing so you will recover healing and growth from life’s wounds, sorrows, and setbacks. From this, clarity and wellbeing arise and engender fresh options and perspective. This naturally inspires your journey of exploration, discovery, and unfolding.

You will learn to identify, understand, and disempower self-defeating thought patterns and outdated behaviors. Discovering kindness toward yourself, you will replace limiting perspectives with genuine awareness of options and possibilities. As you begin to untangle the internal and external knots that bind you, you will reconnect with your core values and discover that living authentically is the fundamental key to a deeply rewarding life. This discovery inspires the confidence and the courage to continually create a meaningful life aligned with your innate depth and wholeness.

The word ‘heal’ means to make or become whole. Wholeness is within reach. Time after time, I’ve had the honor of witnessing people shed limiting patterns, moving through pain, confusion, and protective shields, and as a result, rediscover their inherent beauty and wholeness. This is the foundation of all contemplative and mindfulness based work.

With over 34 years of experience as a licensed, practicing psychotherapist and certified life coach, I am able to offer a deeply developed blend of contemplative practice, psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching skills, providing the advantages and insights of each practice. This unique integration of skills exceeds the limitations inherent within a single discipline and augments the resources available for our work together. An uncommon blend of approaches and skills, this gentle, contemplative and transpersonal work is exceptionally effective as a catalyst for your increased personal awareness and deeply sought growth, forward movement, and fulfillment. A unique constellation of beautiful qualities is your human birthright. Together we will cultivate the intrinsic beauty that is yours.

Psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching services address the full scope of your life. Most people come to psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching services to develop areas of their lives such as:

  • Personal and Spiritual Growth
  • Relationships
  • Finding Meaning
  • Working through the impact of family and personal histories
  • Stress, Health, Self-esteem, Confidence, and Wellbeing
  • Livelihood
  • Fun and Relaxation
  • Creativity
  • Fresh Directions, Clarity, Greater Engagement
  • Parenting
  • Workplace Issues
  • Communication
  • Moving past feeling ‘stuck’

I invite you to a compassionate journey of:

Exploration, discovery, and the reawakening of deeply-held dreams,

Illumination and the recovery of your wholeness.