Empowering Women’s Wisdom:

Tender and Courageous, Loving and Insightful, Gentle and Tough

As many young women approach their 30s and 40s, a sense of disappointment, confusion, and disillusionment often grows. Where is the boundless joy of life, of being female, being loved, perhaps becoming a parent and/or finding great prosperity and achievement in the professional world? Relationships often lose their glow, what was once mad love perhaps has become conflictual and laden with everyday stressors. The myth of ‘having it all’ with ease, power, and ravishing sexuality shows its face as just that, a myth. Perhaps the partying times of one’s 20’s now ring hollow, or the excitement and gratification of academic exploration is no longer practical. Friendships may seem shallow and unsupportive. Sex may not even be all it’s been cracked up to be!  Perhaps you don’t even feel seen, let alone listened to. You may feel your talents, all of your yearning to give and make a difference lie latent, untapped and wasted.

Your huge compassionate heart and the profound strength that encompass your being do not seem to be reaping the joy and rewards you envisioned. Perhaps you are stuck in a path that once seemed appropriate and now seems oppressive. The future may suddenly seem dull compared to the visions you held when younger. Questions are haunting: Where is the meaning and fulfillment? What is the meaning I am looking for? What is missing? Is this all there is?

NO, this is not all there is!

  • Learn how to access your life values and a deep sense of meaning.
  • Then learn to infuse your life with these values and the meaning you seek.
  • Learn the dynamics and communication skills that make relationship work and access the true treasures of relationship with romantic partners and friends.
  • Explore the magic of being female, the unique qualities, resources, and insight inherent to women.
  • Empower your voice, your strength, your compassion.
  • Integrate your intellect with your tender heart.
  • Integrate your nurturing instincts with your power, boundaries, and self-care.
  • Weave the joy and fulfillment of your own authenticity as the fabric of your life.

I love working with women of all ages and stages of life.

Reconnect with your heart, re-enliven your heart.

You will uncover your innate wisdom, and find satisfaction, meaning, and liberation.